Learn to Skate at Galt Arena Gardens


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  • Early Bird 'Preferred' Winter Registration for CURRENT CSC MEMBERS ONLY (Fall 2017) will take place during the week of December 11th-16th, during regular office hours.
  • Open Winter Registration for NEW MEMBERS will take place on Thursday, January 4th, 7:00-8:00pm and Tuesday, January 9th, 7:00-8:00pm at Galt Arena
  • Continued Registration (after Preferred and Open Registration days), will commence on Wednesday, January 10th during regular office hours on a 'first come, first served basis' until programs are full. Office hours can be found below, in the footer of this website.
DID YOU MISS FALL REGISTRATION? There are still spots available in some programs for fall. Please email the office register.
2017/18 STARSKATE PROGRAMS (figure skating)

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  • Previous STARSKATE Members - Registration packages for PREVIOUS MEMBERS will be emailed in August. Forms are due by Friday, September 1st, 2017. After September 2nd there will be a $50 late fee and Skaters Loyalty Rewards cannot be redeemed. If you do not receive a registration package by email, please contact our office.
  • New STARSKATE Members can contact our office to make arrangements to register. Above mentioned late fees do not apply to new members.
Note... We will continue to take registrations after sessions begin, providing space is available. Payment can be made on the first day prior to skating. A copy of your registration form(receipt) and fundraising tickets can be picked up on the first day of skating.

    • SAVE $40 when you register for Fall & Winter together in September!
    • SAVE $20 by renewing your Fall registration by December 16, 2017!
    • SAVE $35 when you register for a 2nd day of skating in the same session!
    • SAVE $50 when you add a CANSKATE session onto a GroupSTAR or Fast Track membership!
    • Earn skating fee credits by becoming a Bingo Volunteer, please see office for details
      Note: These discounts are not transferable to another skater, including members of your family. Any registrations in the New Year will be treated as a new membership and will include the purchase of another book of Skaters Promotional Tickets.
    • Save $$$ on multi-day STARSkate packages!
    • Earn Loyalty Rewards when you are a returning STARSkate member!
    • Earn skating fee credits by becoming a Bingo Volunteer, please see office for details
    • See FAQ for more information on Loyalty Rewards
    • please see the registration form on the STARSkate Page for specific pricing and discounts

  • We accept all major credit cards, cash, cheques or e-transfers during scheduled registration days.
  • We can only accept payment by cash, cheque or e-transfer during regular office hours. NO CREDIT CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • To register outside regular office hours, please contact the office to arrange an appointment.