Certified Coaches

All of our programs are taught by certified Professional Skate Canada coaches with many years of experience.

Skate Canada

We are a sanctioned Skate Canada Club and proud to offer high quality Skate Canada programs, that are admired around the world.

Many Programs

We are proud to offer programs for all skill levels, ages and areas of interest! Fun, fitness and achievement for the whole family!

Special Events

We offer a variety of fun, enriching and challenging events for all of our club members to participate in throughout the season!

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide a wide range of skating programs to all those seeking fun, fitness, or achievement. We are committed to providing the necessary equipment and facilities, along with certified professional Skate Canada Coaches. We are a Skate Canada sanctioned skating club run by a dedicated board of directors who are volunteers. Together with our dynamic coaching staff, our club offers a safe and stimulating environment for the whole family to learn skating.


Teens and Adults can learn to skate, have fun and stay fit!


Join one of our CANSkate Programs to learn how to skate!
Figure Skating


Entry level to Senior Figure Skating programs for all abilities and interests!


Improve your skating skills and optimize your game!


  • My son goes to both another ‘local rink’ skating lessons and the Cambridge Skating Club at Galt Arena, and I see a big difference in the attention to skaters at the CSC. The services at CSC are much better and more technical, while at the ‘other rink’ the young instructors are not well trained to help children learn how to skate.

    Amina - Parent of Skater in the CANSKATE Program
  • We joined the Cambridge Skating Club programs without any expectations, but we are extremely happy with the love of skating that Hannah is developing. Ken and I both feel that the coaches, and coaching style of the club in general, has strongly contributed and continues to contribute to how well she is developing.
    Kimberly & Ken Marriott
  • “Figure skating has been such a huge part of my life since I was a child. After a successful skating career, I turned to coaching and worked as a professional coach for 7 years. After a while, having a full time career plus coaching in the evenings and weekends it became apparent that I was overwhelmed and stressed out. What I really needed was to do something for myself. I contacted the Cambridge Skating Club and they were very open to allowing me to skate during their Senior STARSkate sessions. I am really thankful for how accepting everyone within the club has been. Not only have I made some great friends; I feel like I am part of a family here and everyone has helped me to restore my passion for skating once again!”
    Karissa Featherston-Hayes
  • When my 10 year old son asked to play hockey, I was panicked as he had only been on a skates a handful of times.  Knowing he would need some extra skating practice, I contacted the Cambridge Skating Club to inquire about their power skating programs.  Not knowing what level to enroll him in wasn’t a problem as he was evaluated and placed accordingly after the first session.  This has become a highlight of his week as the lessons are challenging yet fun and he appreciates the personal feedback given.  Thanks to the extra skating help, he is having a great house league hockey season!  Thank you Cambridge Skating Club!
    Alissa Koth - Parent
  • I have had the pleasure of being a member of the Cambridge Skating Club while I attended elementary and high school. I have also been a member of the club as an adult skater. During each phase of my life the club has been a wonderful place to belong. It has provided me with an outlet not only for fitness but lots of fun! Over the years I have appreciated the dedicated coaching staff who demonstrate a strong commitment to helping skaters reach their personal goals. I have appreciated my experience as a member of the Cambridge Skating Club
    Janelle, skater
  • Studying Kinesology at Waterloo, I often find myself overwhelmed with the work load and panic sets in. After a phone call home to mom she reminds me that when I was working on my double salchow and double loop jumps and  I would fall so many times... what inspired me to get back up and try it again and then finally landing them? I said, "my coach... Nancy", a Cambridge Skating Club coach who instilled all the tools of being a successful skater that I now translate to real life...Thank you Cambridge Skating Club and Coach Nancy!    
    Lauryanne , skater
  • Skating has been a big part of our family. Both my daughters and three sons have been involved with local sports clubs over the past 20 years. The Cambridge Skating Club was where we found the best of the best when it came to coaching. The lessons they learned on the ice has become the lessons they now use in day to day life. "The never give up" attitude made them successful students in university and continues to make them the leaders that they are in the professions they have chosen. Thank you Cambridge Skating Club for the memories :)    
    Anne Bolland, Parent
  • Cambridge skating club is a friendly place where both my children have skated and thrived. One in the star skate program and one in the special olympics program. My children are always met with eager and friendly coaches and program assistants.
    Regan, parent
  • I've been a member of the skating club for nine years and have developed strong skating skills and have met many great friends along the way. I can't wait to get back to the rink this fall!
    Erin, Skater