Hiring a Coach

  • Selecting a coach for your child is an important decision! Every child is unique and each coach will have their own unique teaching style and personality. A more detailed list of our Coaches qualifications is available to view in the Coaches Credential Binder in the CSC office.

    You should take into consideration:  

    • your child's personality
    • what kind of teaching style has worked best for them in the past
    • how they are best motivated
    • if there is a coach in CANSkate that has clicked for them already!

    Here are some of the criteria that Coaches may base their coaching fees on:  

    • NCCP qualifications
    • years of experience
    • achievements of previous students
    • personal achievements
    • awards

  • The following is an excerpt from the WOS Parent Handbook...

    When deciding how to choose a coach your club should provide a list of their available coaches along with their specific qualifications. When choosing a coach for your child, here are some things you may want to consider:

    • Select a coach carefully. Choose the right person for their teaching and coaching abilities, but also consider that the Coach will be the role model for your child.
    • The Coach will be spending considerable time with your child, so it should be someone your child feels comfortable with.
    • Coaches are the experts. Work together with your coach to create realistic goals and objectives for your child.
    • Take time when selecting a coach. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. Watch the coaches teaching other children and see how they interact and present themselves.
    • Clubs should have a summary of each coach’s accomplishments as a Coach and skater. If not, ask the Coach for a copy of their resume.
    • Coaching fees may vary according to the certification level and experience of the coach. Ask what the fees are up front so there are no misunderstandings later.
    • You can seek advice from the Club’s Professional Coaching Director or from the Western Ontario Section’s Skating Program Co-ordinator or our Technical Director.
  • A Skaters' needs may change, resulting in a desire to change coaching arrangements. This can be an awkward and difficult experience for coaches, skaters and parents. When handled in a professional and considerate manner, the transition can be less disruptive for all involved.

    If you intend to switch coaches, your present coach should be informed in person. Arrangements with the new coach should made, and all outstanding fees to your present coach must be paid prior to the change. It is considered unethical for a new coach to give lessons to a skater who has an established coaching arrangement.

    It is also not uncommon for a skater to have more than one coach and/or skate at two different clubs. The coaches could agree to work as a team in the same discipline or to teach different disciplines to help reach the skaters' goals and provide an enriching experience.