Guest Skating

To skate on any extra ice time (other than what you have registered for) may be done by purchasing guest skate tickets. The purpose of guest skating is for occasional use, but you may apply fees paid for a particular session towards the total registration for that session.

  • $20/hour per hour for Freeskate, Dance, Skills, or Stroking
  • $90 per book of 6 pre-paid 1 hour tickets


Guest Skating Protocol and Restrictions:
  • Guest Skates must be arranged through a CSC Coach and be approved by the Session Supervisor.
  • Skaters must complete a Guest Skate Request Form (available from your coach) which must first be approved by the coaches. Attach a pre-paid guest skate ticket purchased from the club office and give it to their coach the day of the guest skate.
  • The maximum times that any individual can Guest Skate on a particular session is 6.
  • The Session Supervisor will maintain records at ice level that will be submitted to the office to ensure accurate records are maintained for both payments and attendance limitation purposes.
  • Guest Skaters must abide by the CSC Code of Conduct.
  • Guest Skaters must be current Skate Canada members.
  • CSC reserves the right to refuse a guest skating request if the skater is in violation of any of the above mentioned protocol and restrictions.
  • If you are not a CSC member but would like to guest skate at our club, please contact the club office at (519)623-8404