Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Payment Types are Accepted?

    We happily accept all major credit cards, cash, e-transfers or cheques during scheduled registration days. We can only accept payment by cash, e-transfer or cheque during regular office hours. NO CREDIT CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED DURING REGULAR OFFICE HOURS.

  • Can I split my payment up for the STARSKATE Program?

    For your convenience we offer the option of paying your Starskate skating program fees in 3 installments, with cheques dated :
    • September 1, 2018
    • November 1, 2018
    • February 1, 2019
    STARSKATE programs are priced for the entire skating season and fees are for the total number of skating weeks. Your cancelled cheque will be your receipt.
  • What is the Skate Canada Membership Fee?

    Skate Canada Fee

    • $36.00 is included in CANSKATE Programs membership fees
      • $36.00 is an additional fee for STARSKATERS

    Since the Cambridge Skating Club is sanctioned by Skate Canada, each CSC member is registered with Skate Canada annually. This entitles the skaters to participate in competitions, take tests, and participate in various events at the club during the skating season. This also provides our membership with insurance coverage. For more information about Skate Canada Membership Benefits, follow the link.

  • What are STARSKATE Loyalty Rewards?

    A discount for returning STARSKATE members calculated on your previous season’s ice costs in a STARSKATE program. Must be claimed by by the specified date in your summer registration letter. Awards have no cash value, are not transferable, and non-refundable.

    We APPRECIATE your loyalty!

  • What are Skaters' Promotional Fundraising Tickets?

    Skaters Promotional Tickets are provided by Skate Ontario Section to provide fundraising for Ontario clubs, skaters & Events. You will pre-pay for your tickets at registration and then if you decide to sell them, you will be recoup the full cost of $40.

    Please return your ticket stubs to the club office by February 14th.

    • 1 book per CANSKATE family
    • 1 book per STARSKATE Skater
  • What is the STARSKATE Volunteer Fee?

    STARSKATE Family Volunteer Fee

    • $200 per STARSKATE Family Volunteer fee (post-dated April 15, 2019 & refundable upon completion of 4 hours of volunteer time at a BINGO EVENT
  • What if I have an N.S.F. Cheques?

    There is a $30 charge for all N.S.F. cheques. We will only accept cash or certified cheques, and payment in full, after a N.S.F. cheque.
  • Is there any Financial Assistance?

    For families needing financial assistance for their skater under the age of 16, Kids Can Play is an organization which may provide help. For more information, contact the club office or email
  • What is your Refund Policy?

    Only those skaters with a medical certificate or new Pre-CANSKATE or CANSKATE members that have requested a refund within the first 3 skated lessons will be considered. A 10% administration fee and prorated ice usage fee will be calculated. No exceptions.
  • How Many Classes are there per Session?

    There are 11 weeks in each CANSKATE Group Program session. There are 24-27 weeks in the STARSKATE season, depending on the day. There are 6 weeks per CANPOWER session. The number of weeks of a session do not necessarily run consecutively, due to ice cancellations beyond our control. Please refer to the Calendar
  • Will my Session get Cancelled in the event of Bad Weather?

    We reserve the right to cancel any program due to bad weather. The safety of our skating families, coaches and volunteers are our first priority. Every effort will be made to re-schedule, based on ice availability and coach availability.
  • Could my Program get Cancelled due to Low Registration?

    The Cambridge Skating Club reserves the right to revise and/or cancel any program with insufficient registration numbers.